PP hollow formwork Alstone

PP Hollow Formwork Sheet

PP Hollow plastic formwork is a kind of energy-saving and green environmental protection product, pp plastic combined with macromolecule nano-technology. Plastic formwork is a new product after wood formwork, composite steel formwork, bamboo-wood bonding formwork and all-steel large formwork. Hollow plastic formwork is energy saving and environmental protection,and can completely replace the traditional steel formwork, wood formwork, square wood, What's more, its amortization cost is very low.

Considering the labour problem & cost of formwork system we at Alstone thought to develop an alternative formwork system which could help the industry to not only reduce construction cost but also a system that is easy to install, dismantle & handle.We were able to successfully develop for the first time in India a PP plastic formwork which can overcome most of the issues dis-cussed above.

Cost Analysis of Alstone Polypropylene Hollow plastic Formwork

This system gives more than 50 repetitions; hence running cost is low. The final RCC work will get smooth finish with minor joint line which does not require plaster. One can do putty & paint it. With this system one can save @ `16 / sq. ft. if you don’t do plaster and hence it is cost effective.

– This systems is made from special grade PP plastic and hence no chemical reaction take place nor the material stick to it. Because of this property you cannot get any patched on the RCC finish. Also the gap between two plates are so negligible that no water nor cement gets leaked out at the time of RCC & it gets curing from the bottom of the plate also, which enhance the final quality of RCC casting .

– Comparatively our foam systems are very less in weight compare to conventional M.S. Plate (1/4th ) and Plywood (1/2). Hence it is very easy to install, dismantle, transport from one place to another. Due to easy plugging systems & east to fit makes this foam shuttering systems most labour friendly.

– By using Alstone PP shuttering sheets one need not nail or apply oil to the plates before casting RCC. Due to auto leveling of plugging systems the plates are automatically leveled. Hence 30 % time is saves in assembling & also while dismantling the same.

– All existing traditional scaffolding systems can be use in Alstone PP plastic Shuttering ply comfortably. You can cast Slab, Beam & Column, etc. A lot of the parts in the Shuttering ply are supportive to each other and you can cast a beam from 9 inch to 21 inch by this same plate by simply adjusting the locking systems.

– Alstone PP hollow plastic shuttering ply is made from waste products which are recycled and it’s long lasting and gives more than 50 repetitions. It replace plywood’s which consumes trees and M.S. which consumes iron ore from our planet earth. Our products help in preventing this precious metal from our earth.

– After every usage of Alstone PP Shuttering ply once can easily clean the plates by water. Where as in M.S. plate one have to apply oil to clean the M.S. surface plates. In PP plastic shuttering sheet if any breakage occurs by mishandling it can be very easily sealed by low voltage hot air gun.


Light weight, high strength, high hardness, impact resistance, wear resistance.
2. Surface is smooth, bright and clean; Concreting and forming effect is good.
3. No absorption of moisture, no deformation, no mildew; Long-term immersion stratification in the water, no bubbles, sheet size stability, especially suitable for underground and damp environment.
4. Good toughness. pp hollow sheet could be used as cambered special-shaped formwork.
5. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, it doesn’t need to do any preservative treatment both in using and storing the formwork, and do not pollute the concrete surface.
6. The reusable time for pp hollow sheet can reach more than 50 times, long service life.7. .PP hollow plastic formwork in construction was easily install and removed, only tapping not releasing agent .

How to Use Alstone Polypropylene Hollow plastic Formwork

  • Method of use plastic building formwork as well as wooden formwork, plastic building formwork reinforcement direction with batten direction placed in cross shaped.
  • No need to smear the mold release agent before using building plastic formwork construction.
  • When cast-in-place the flat plate, spacing between the keels should be 20 ~ 25 cm, and the spacing between the wall plate and keels hould be 10 ~ 20 cm.Hollow plastic building formwork in construction don't need releasing agent.
  • The seam-line between plastic building formwork in construction should be taped.
  • The length of nail should not be too long, generally about 30 ~ 35 mm.
  • The strength to drive nails should be moderate.
  • When removing the reusable plastic formwork, please start from the small part of one end, the support and the plates should be removed at the same time aiming at preventing the template widespread drops, don't let the corner drop on the ground vertically.
  • The plastic building formwork accesses to be mixed used with wood veneer, bamboo veneer and other material plate.
Dimensions 4x8 Ft
Colors Black
Thickness 14 mm