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3mm Pvc Wall Cladding

3mm Multi décor is a PVC rigid sheet that is a substitute for the traditionally used wall decorative items such as Stone, Marble, wallpaper, cement based wall paneling, paint, and wooden wall paneling. The PVC wall cladding is the product of modern world that has managed to gain worldwide attention.

Alstone offers you an extensive range of colors in solid, sparkle, wooden, marble, leather and abstract shades & designs. 3mm PVC marble sheet which is popularly known as PVC Wall Cladding, is an excellent substitute to the traditional wall tiles. 3 mm wall cladding and pillar covering is a great décor option. It provides you infinite choices of shades, shapes, and designs which are difficult to find in the usual tiles and marbles. The wide range of options available are ideal for cladding the pillars and columns, these help brighten the usually dull areas present in any space. 3 mm multi décor, can beautify the dull and ordinary space. It is a water proof material which helps protect the walls and surface of damp areas. It is an anti-bacteria and termite proof material which adds on to its value. 3MM Multi Décor is free from toxic elements like formaldehyde and lead which makes it safe for children and elderly. Its anti -microbial surface makes it bacteria and fungus resistant.

3 mm Multi it is an ideal solution for seamless wall and pillar covering since it is easy to bend at 90 degree. The Alstone technology is designed to safeguard the material from Heat shock, Finger prints and Accidental abrasion so that it stays young and is sustained for longer.

3mm PVC Wall Cladding sheets are light in weight with higher strength as compared to the natural marble stone counterparts. The wall panels are being widely used in industry since the lightweight material helps in fighting the high dead weight of building effectively. An essential goal in the dead weight reduction subject is minimal loss of human life in times of natural disasters like earthquake and flood.

The degree of strength, impact resistance, and energy insulation are some of the vital parameters which are known to influence the choice of paneling process. Furthermore, chromatization is also kept at bay which is otherwise a common event as ascertained in case of natural marbles. Poly vinyl chloride (PVC) is an eco-friendly and budget-friendly material which is widely utilized in the modern day industry and has emerged as a common substitute to the typical building material like wood, concrete and clay. In comparison to MDF wall panels, these PVC sheets are free of any volatile organic solvent, methanol, asbestos, oil and unsafe chemicals which will have negative impact on surroundings and watercourses. Due to all the above mentioned properties, these 3mm sheets are a great substitute to the hollow core MDF panels as well as natural marble stones. These panels come with a longevity of about 20-30 years.

Application of PVC marble Sheets

  • Family indoor lounge,
  • TV background,
  • Balcony,
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Corridor
  • Conference hall
  • Lobby

Eating places as well as occasional outlets like the halls, shopping and recreation centers, offices, subway, railway stations, aerodrome, stores, Galleries, fairs, sport salons, pools, libraries, mosques, hospitals, drug stores, clinics, academies and universities are some of the commercial places that use PVC Marble Sheets

Alstone 3mm PVC Panels are known to help you address plenty of wall problems with easy to use and highly durable wall panels. PVC Wall Panels, offer many benefits in day to day life over the regular ways of wall decoration like wallpaper or paint etc.

Traditional style of wall decorations are labor intensive, sometimes expensive, and hard to maintain. If a wall that has been painted or a wall with wall paper gets damaged, it would need a complete overhaul in the design, if not the entire room. Especially in case of paint, any small portion of the wall cannot be mended easily. On the other hand, PVC cladding comes in form of small panels that are joined together by the inter-locking mechanism. In case of Alstone 3mm PVC Wall Coverings, even if a small part is damaged, which is very unlikely because of its hard construction and sturdy material, it can be easily changed by replacing only the damaged panel, which is far cheaper and yields a far better result.

Alstone 3mm PVC Wall Panels have not only proved their versatility in residential buildings but have also found their application in commercial buildings as well, such as insurance sector, banks etc. The color of PVC cladding never fades or dulls, also it gives the impression of royal and chic look, even after years.

Alstone 3mm PVC Panel provides professional aesthetics along with continuous patterns. Even multiple designs can be merged and fused into one to create new patterns and designs. Plastic Panels don’t attract dirt easily and can be well used at public places where the gathering is large e.g. restaurants, wedding halls etc. Alstone 3mm PVC Sheets are easy to clean and are a great replacement for the traditional and old styles of interior wall decoration as they offer many benefits in a fraction of cost and offer the premium look for a longer term.

Alstone 3mm PVC facings are used to create false ceilings and are called Ceiling Panels. These small panels are used for walls that are used to decorate the ceilings as well as PVC cladding for the ceilings that are created separately. Alstone 3mm PVC panels are beneficial for the ceilings as the ceilings are difficult to maintain due to the height factor. Alstone 3mm PVC Ceiling Panels are almost maintenance free they do not absorb moisture inside its material. Moisture is the main cause of paint peeling off the ceilings and walls. Moisture is also the main culprit when it comes to damaging the wallpapers on a wall. Moisture damages the glue with which wallpapers are affixed to the wall and then damages the wallpaper printing. However PVC cladding eliminates all the difficulties which arise in the process of maintaining the good looking walls and are much better than traditional wall decoration solutions.

PVC Panels possess the following features that makes it the best décor item:

  • Highly Economical
  • Damp Proof
  • Maintains room temperature
  • Maintains Hygiene
  • Sound Resistant
  • Water Proof
  • Termite Proof
  • Recyclable
  • Fire Retardant
  • Rust Proof
  • Light Weight
  • Impact Resistant
Dimensions 4x8 Feet
Colors 100+ Colors available as per shade card
Thickness 3mm